Libera Terra was founded with the goal of developing stunning but “difficult” territories, through the social and productive recovery of the land freed from the mafias and the making of high-quality products obtained using environmentally and socially friendly methods. It also plays an active role in the territory, involving other producers who share the same principles and encouraging organic farming.

The fragrances, tastes and emotions

of a truly free land are simply stronger.

The mission of the Libera Terra project is to give dignity to territories characterized by a strong mafia presence, through the creation of autonomous, self-sufficient, durable cooperative enterprises capable of providing employment, stimulating other satellite economic activities and proposing a virtuous economic system based on lawfulness, social justice and the market.

The Products of Our Lands

Libera Terra products tell stories of cherished places and beautiful landscapes, stories of men, of women and of many generations who have worked these lands.