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Production philosophy

Our production philosophy? It is simple, always trying to express, through our products, the flavours and wisdom of our lands, which are everyone’s land.
Libera Terra is an Italian organization that was founded to rehabilitate and develop difficult lands through social and productive land recovery. The organization focuses on rehabilitating areas that are often overlooked or forgotten, bringing them back to life and turning them into productive assets. The work Libera Terra does not only benefits the environment and local communities, but also contributes to the economy by creating jobs and opportunities in previously neglected areas. While Libera Terra’s mission centers around land reclamation and social development, other industries, such as the online casino industry, also play a significant role in economic growth. real money casino apps south africa are becoming increasingly popular, contributing significantly to the country’s economy. These programs have brought new entertainment and employment opportunities, and many people have found work in the online casino industry. In addition, online casinos contribute to the development of tourism in the country, attracting visitors from all over the world who are interested in trying their luck at the virtual tables. The success of South Africa’s online casino industry is an example of how economic growth can come from unexpected places and industries, benefiting both individuals and the wider community.

Our work is guided by excellence. A necessary commitment to restore value and beauty to lands liberated from the mafias. Libera Terra brings together social cooperatives, created on the initiative of Libera. Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie, which manage production facilities and hundreds of hectares of land taken from the mafias in Sicily, Apulia, Calabria and Campania.

Pasta, legumes, extra-virgin olive oil, tomato and other vegetable preserves, marmalades and citrus liqueurs are just some of the Libera Terra products that let the consumer rediscover the typical flavours of the territory while showcasing the great qualities of the best raw materials from organic farming.

Fresh Produce and Mozzarella

In the Plain of Catania, the Beppe Montana Libera Terra Cooperative grows organic oranges, especially red ones (moro and tarocco). Oranges from the Plain of Catania are particularly renowned for their qualities, which are the result of the extraordinary microclimate of the area near Mount Etna, where the temperature range favours optimal ripening of the fruits and their natural reddish pigmentation. The Cooperative is a member of the Arancia Rossa di Sicilia IGP protection consortium. These oranges, which can be purchased online, are packaged and shipped directly from our organic farm.

In the Gioia Tauro Plain, the Valle del Marro Libera Terra Cooperative grows, rigorously organic, blond oranges (navel) and clementines. Navel oranges are a variety particularly suitable for table consumption and distinguished by an indentation resembling a navel on the end opposite that of the petiole. Clementines, on the other hand, are a cross between oranges and tangerines that is characterized by juicy flesh and an almost complete absence of seeds. Two very common fruits of an area particularly suited to quality citrus production, due to its peculiar pedo-climatic conditions, which the Cooperative manages to enhance thanks to the painstaking care of the citrus groves it manages.

In the Volturno Plain, the Le Terre di Don Peppe Diana Libera Terra Cooperative produces mozzarella, scamorza and ricotta from buffalo milk. Libera Terra Campanian Buffalo Mozzarella, produced by the Cooperative’s dairy, is made exclusively with buffalo milk from Campanian selected farms and processed within 60 hours of the first milking.With a delicate flavour and an enticing taste, this mozzarella has a tender texture, a porcelain-white colour and a very thin rind. The Cooperative is a member of the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP consortium. It is possible to buy buffalo mozzarella in different sizes, as well as scamorza and ricotta, online and receive them directly from the cheesemaker.
Centopassi is the winemaking entity of Libera Terra cooperatives that cultivate land confiscated from the mafia in Sicily, the Pio La Torre Libera Terra Cooperative, the Placido Rizzotto Libera Terra Cooperative and the Rosario Livatino Libera Terra Cooperative. The vineyards are scattered throughout the Alto Belice Corleonese, an area where nature dominates with its overwhelming beauty, unmistakable horizons and unforgettable sunsets. The wines tell the story of the diversity of each vineyard, of the soils that distinguish them and of the vines that from time to time enhance their characteristics.
Hiso Telaray is the winemaking entity of Libera Terra in Apulia, where the Terre di Puglia Libera Terra Cooperative has restored value and beauty to land confiscated from organized crime.The vineyards, reclaimed after years of neglect, are located in the Alto Salento and grown organically, with all the necessary respect for the traditions, the land and the environment. The wines always aim at elegance and maximum drinkability, while fully enhancing the most typical and authentic characteristics of the vines of this extraordinary territory, above all the Negroamaro.
Libera Terra gift packs hold Libera Terra products in elegant boxes, from pasta to wine, to extra virgin olive oil, legumes, preserves and more.These products are united by our underlying philosophy focused on total quality at the best possible price.We do everything to ensure that our customers choose and choose again our products, because of their goodness and, in addition, for their strong ethical and social connotations. Precisely for this reason, in the last decade, Libera Terra has been chosen for their presents by so many people and by many companies, both small and large, such as A2A, ASIA, Autovie Venete, Università Bocconi, Dior, Ducati, Formula Servizi, Groupama, Hewlett Packard, IED, Italdesign, Lamborghini, Noisea, Philip Morris, Repower, Richard Ginori, Syngenta, Teatro del Vino, Terna, Tiger Italia, Total Erg, UnipolSai, Yves Saint Laurent.
Purchasing Libera Terra Gift Packs will also help support specific projects of the association Libera, to which part of the proceeds are allocated.


Libera il g(i)usto di viaggiare is Libera’s responsible tourism initiative, created with the aim of enhancing the confiscated properties managed by the social cooperatives of the Libera Terra project and the territory in which they are located.It is a tourist service that allows to accommodate and enrich travellers of all ages and provide an opportunity to experience a vacation full of emotion, pleasure and relaxation, while discovering a precious heritage of knowledge and traditions.The owner of the organisation of the tourist packages offered by Libera Terra Mediterraneo is the Palma Nana cooperative, a member of the association Libera.

Landscapes of historical interest of absolute beauty make up the extraordinary natural stage where the accommodations managed by Libera Terra, the Portella della Ginestra agritourism and the Terre di Corleone agritourism, are located.

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